I'm Montgomery Lee, and to tell you how southern I am (as if my first name doesn't cover it), thats my first and middle name and I have always gone by both. :)  I am a small town southern girl born and raised in North Carolina and now living in Nashville, TN.  I truly can't imagine planting my roots anywhere other than this town.  It holds my heart and so do the people in it.  I am married to the man of my dreams (totally a cliche statement but oh so true!!!) and we have three beautiful children; our little girl, Sullivan Mae (why yes! I did give her a double name too!!) who is seven years old, our little cave man, Gunner who is four years old and our chunkiest little man, Tucker, is one.


I love pictures and I love to write.  They kind of go hand in hand for me.  I love the stories images tell and the memories they give.  I love that you can look at an image and it can take you back to that exact moment.  Whether it be a maternity session and remembering the exact feelings of carrying your first child, recalling the emotions of having a toddler running around your house, or if you are a horse girl like me, it could even be relishing in the beautiful memories you shared with your animal.  

Pictures are the stories of our lives and sometimes in the midst of all the chaos, we neglect to see how beautiful it is.  

After having children I realized how quickly things happen and change in life and once it passes you can never get it back. I became obsessed with documenting each step of the way in my kids lives and all the tiny details that encompassed who they were because I never want to forget.  And not only that, but I want to give my children the gift of these memories.  I want them to look back at the images I have taken and be able to piece together their childhood and remember the magic of it all.

I set out to give clients the same gift of priceless images and memories as I capture the magic within their family.  I want each image to evoke an emotion that they will carry for a lifetime.  

I am a photographer because I want to be a storyteller.