Tyler and Hannah Engagement

My husband and I have been friends with Tyler for quite a while now and he for sure holds such a special place in my heart for many reasons.  In some way I feel like I look at him as a brother and I tend to worry about him a lot. hahah :) (All for good reason though!)  But, for real, some of my favorite stories involve Tyler and life would be a lot less eventful without him.  I am so grateful that Randy and him have managed to stay such good friends through all the things the music business tends to throw their way.

I also must admit that somewhat like a big sister, when Tyler started talking about purposing to Hannah I felt like "well, I need to approve before you put a ring on it!"  Not that my approval really matters, BUT.... when I say that he picked the PERFECT girl for him I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I have enjoyed the times I have gotten to spend with both of them and watching them fall in love.  He met his match for sure with her and she is guaranteed a spot in heaven because of it. :) 

Here are few of my favorite images from their engagement session.  

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