Ryan 4 Month

About a month ago I did Ryans 4 month pictures.  This little boy was just too darn handsome and I honestly can't get over all of his sweet rolls.  When we met for his newborn pictures he slept the whole time, so it was fun this time to see his pretty eyes and the beginning of his personality coming out.  
He kept his left arm up over his head the whole time he was laying down.  Every time I would try to pull it down he would just lift it right back up.  It was too cute and something I am glad I captured because that is just who he is right now. :) 
And the women in his life…. well they just adore him and its obvious he adores them.   Every time his momma would talk to him he just smiled so big at her.  And then there is his beautiful big sister, Callen; she just loves him so much and is such a big help.  It reminds me of my sweet babies.  

I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites with this session. Enjoy!