Equine Photography

Through my experiences last year growing as a photographer and growing my business, I realized how much I want to pursue equine photography on a deeper level.  Horses have been a lifelong love of mine.  I showed within AQHA for around 15 years and because of college, marriage and now children, showing just isn't in the cards for me at this time.  And that is totally okay because it is life and one day I will be back in the show ring again.  But for now, I have realized that offering my services as an equine photographer allows me to be around the animals and around people that I have so much in common with.  It helps that I know and love the animal and can deliver a product the client wants, but also offer my artistic view as well.  

A few weeks back I was approached about shooting some pictures for an ad.  Mandi, who is the trainer for this beautiful horse, to some extra time and allowed me to shoot some portfolio building material and I am in love with what I got.  
So happy to share with you guys and praying that more opportunities come up in 2015 to do this. 

(please note: i did not design the ad. i just took the photograph of the horse and rider.)