Violet Raye

Sweet Violet Raye was born on Valentines day and belongs to one of my dearest friends, Jill, and her husband, Logan.  
Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Gunner, I begged her to get preggers too so we could share in the experience together.  I didn't think she really would, but... she did, and we were able to enjoy about 6 months of being pregnant together.  It seriously was such a blast being able to complain to each other every day about all the aches and pains and unmentionables that happen to your body during pregnancy.  And now that we both have new borns, we get to share in all the joys and sleep deprivation, and unmentionables that are still happening to our bodies.  
Her little boy Lincoln is my little girl Sullivans best friend.  According to Sullivan "they will get married one day and Lincoln will wear jeans and new black boots and play a guitar and I will wear a beautiful pink princess dress."  
I adore this family and am so excited to raise our kids together.  Thanks Jill and Logan for letting me take Violets newborn pictures.  She is beautiful and I already love her so so much.