Ferrell Family

I am so thankful I was FINALLY able to meet this family.  I have known them for the past three years or so through social networks and having a handful of mutual friends.  
Somehow Lindsey and I came across each other on instagram and just instantly became friends (see what I did there?)  We have talked via text message, emails, facebook, etc...  We are the definition of modern day pen pals!!!  We have exchanged gifts, products, ideas of how to grow our dreams within our business, and I can say she has beyond inspired me to be a better person and a better mom.  
I have adored watching her daughter grow up as well as watching Lindseys business flourish into such a huge success. 

I feel like God puts people in your life at certain times to be there to encourage, push and inspire you.... Lindsey came into my life when I was playing with the idea of taking my photography career to the next level.  Watching her with her business and talking to her about mine helped me in more ways then she will ever know.  Now..... she has been featured in Harpers BAZAAR magazine so she has surpassed anything we could have ever imagined three years ago when we were texting logos back and forth.  I am sooooooo proud of her and excited for her and her business.

Here are some of my favorite images from the session I did with her precious family. 

Please be sure to check out her adorable paci clips!  It is all we use in our family!... http://ryanandrose.bigcartel.com.