Colton 9 Month

Oh my! Just another precious little 9 month old that is blowing my mind how fast he is growing.  I feel like nine month sessions are always bittersweet because I know next time I see their sweet faces will be for their one year pictures.  It all happens way too fast!  

Colton couldn't be any cuter and I love how his momma always has such cute ideas for pictures.  I am the first to tell clients that I am not good at props or staging shoots.  I am very much a "just go do your thing and let me take pictures!" hahah.  So I greatly appreciate it when people come to me with ideas!!!  Especially like this.... OMG, the bubble bath!!!!  Sweet Colton was a champ for sure through the process.  And, as much as he loved that watermelon (he cried and cried when we took it away from him), I am a little scared to see how he will be with his birthday cake in a few months!! 

Here are some of my favorites from Coltons 9 month session.