Rose Carpenter

This little girl has NO IDEA how loved she is.  Welcomed by two loving parents and four older siblings that are just going to adore and protect her for the rest of her life, and the countless family and friends surrounding Megan and Josh that are beyond thrilled about Rose.  

I pray that she has the same zest and love of life that her brothers and sisters have.  And if she has half as much "sass" as her older sisters, then Megan is in for in the girl department I think!!! 

But for real, six months ago these two were alone in their home, and then their world changed when they FINALLY got to welcome home their four children from Sierra Leon.  Almost in time for the 3rd trimester of Megans pregnancy. :) Talk about WONDER WOMAN.  I am amazed by her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  
And now, here is the beautiful Rose Carpenter. (Her name just sounds like a future country music singer!) 
Enjoy some of my favs from her newborn session.