The Little Family

This family holds such a special place in my heart.  As a couple and as individuals they are truly two of the strongest people I have ever met before.  And as far as their little girl, Ryman, is concerned.... she is on another level with being a fighter and hero.  

Ryman was born with a rare condition affecting her UREA cycle and it was quickly determined that she would need a liver transplant within her first year of life.  Once she did receive the transplant unfortunately their was a clot and she would soon receive another liver.  So, within her first year of life, this beautiful girl underwent two liver transplants and I can't even begin to understand all the other things that she went through during the process or the emotions that her sweet parents went through.  

In April of this year she celebrated her SECOND birthday.  It is such a blessing and such a miracle to get to hug this sweet girl and continue to watch her grow up.  
Last month I was able to take her two year pictures and capture some sweet family moments for them.  Enjoy some of the ones I loved. 
(also, if you want to read more about Rymans story you can look into the blog her mom keeps.