The Mize Family

Another precious family that I am so blessed to call friends.  Its nice to know people that are in such similar places in life as my family is.  Logan and Randy have the same job and both have gone through or are going through record deals.  The music business is a tough road and I love knowing they have each other to talk to.  Im also so grateful for Jill.  The music business is just as frustrating for us and I am glad we can lean on each other when trying to understand certain things or just flat out complain to each other about it all.  Our kids are also close to the same age so we can relate on that as well.  

So glad I got to take their family pictures last fall.  Seeing Lincoln love on his sweet little sister Violet was the best part of the day.  No one could get her to smile like he could.  :) 

Enjoy some of my favorites from their family session.