Griffin Newborn

IveyLee and Chris decided during the pregnancy to not find out the gender of their baby.  The wanted to have a surprise in the delivery room.  Just typing that gives me chills.  I am a control freak so even though that sounds like such a romantic idea, I am not sure I could make it nine full months without knowing.  
I was lucky enough to be included on a private facebook group where Chris was giving updates to close friends and family.  It started with check in and progression of labor, and then the messages stopped.  If anyone else was like me they didn't put their phone down and turned their alert volume up as high as it would go.  And finally a message came, "baby is here and mom is healthy!"  NO GENDER!!!! Are you kidding me!?! hahha (Thanks Chris) 
So I continued waiting and then it came... a little boy... Griffin, and my heart filled with joy and my eyes filled with tears for my sweet friends.  They were in a scenerio much like mine now, a little girl and a baby brother!  :) 
I am excited to watch this sweet family grow together and I am thankful that i have had them in my life for so long.  I am also grateful for their continued support and allowing me to document so much of monumental milestones of their "story" over the years.  

Much love to the Trump family and enjoy some of my favorites from Griffins newborn session.