The Olson Family

Kim and I have been friends now for almost eight years I think.  Gosh, typing that makes me realize how time slips by without even totally realizing it.  I know we all say that with kids a lot because they totally remind us daily of time, but her and I knew each other before kids!  

And in the same idea of time... I don't know what keeps us so busy, but I am probably the worst friend to her because we never get to see each other unless its work related.  But... at least my work allows me to hang out with them for a short period of time and getting to document their love for each other as a family.  
She is in a house with three boys! I don't know how she does it, and on top of that, she looks like she walked off the cover of a magazine every time I see her.  But she is just as beautiful on the inside and I am so grateful to call her a friend.  

Enjoy some of my favorite i mages from their family session.