The Little Family

Oh how I love this family!  Even though I don't see them enough, I adore them and would do anything for any of them. 
Sweet Ryman is three and she is walking miracle.  I remember when she was born, and then I remember when her parents found out just days later that she would need a new liver.  And then I remember when she got her new liver but shortly later would find that she would need yet a second transplant... all before the age of one.  She is a fighter, and on top of that, so are her parents.  They are a tight unit and an example of what it means to put your faith and trust in God.  They have set such an example for all that know them, and that little girl... sweet Ryman... I am not sure she will ever know how loved she is. 

Thank you guys for allowing me to document your love for each other.  Thank you for allowing me to capture the BIG personality that little angel of yours has.  She is beyond perfect and I could seriously listen to her talk all day long.  

Here are some of my favorites from yalls family/ 3.5 year session! :)