Howard Equine

Last October I was given the opportunity to photography Micah and his new horse Madonna.  This photoshoot was special for many reasons.  For me, it provided the chance to expand my equine portfolio and spend some much needed time with some good ole horse people, but for Micah it was much different.  I didn't know until arriving at the session that Micah had recently lost his previous horse and how devastating it was for him.  Madonna was a new adventure for him and it was the first time to photograph the two of them together.  

For those of you that do not have a horse or have never experienced the bond, it is unexplainable and irreplaceable.  It is something people have tried to describe forever, but it is the unspoken words that make the relationship so perfect.  

I loved getting to see Micah and Madonna at the beginning stages of falling in love with a new found life long friendship.  Thank you Micah for asking me to help capture such special moments for you.  :) 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this session.