Trump Family

Every time I visit with this family I am blown away by life and God and the direction He puts you in and how every single detail of your life is known by Him.  
Ivey Lee and I went to Elementary school together up until my family moved to another town after 2nd grade.  I am pretty positive I didnt see Ivey at all after moving.  Fast forward to college and I moved 7.5 hours from home to Nashville to attend Belmont, and there was Ivey Lee... in the same town at the same school.  
And Chris, her now husband, was one of the first people I met at Belmont and was hysterically funny and an instant friend.  I watched him and Ivey Lee meet and fall in love and then get married, have August their beautiful daughter, and now they are patiently waiting on a new arrival.  

Life is beautiful, each and every step.  Everything has a meaning or purpose I believe and I am so grateful for moments that come full circle.  I am also unbelievably thankful to Chris and Ivey Lee for encouraging me and believing in me when I decided to start my photography career.  They were some of the original clients who allowed me to document special times in their life.  

Can't wait to work with them more in the future and see what else life has in store.