Rose 6 Month

I can NOT believe this little girl is six months. (Technically older than that now because I am so far behind with my blogs... but still... SHE IS OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS and my mind is blown!!!!) 
She is beyond words for beautiful and full of sooooo  much personality.  I am so excited to continue to watch her grow up into an adorable little girl.  I can not wait to watch her interact with her older brothers and sisters as she grows and how her personality will flourish because of them.  
Megan and Josh are unbelievable parents.  I am one of those people that believes places, such as homes, put off "vibes" so to speak.  When you walk through the doors of their home, I am not even joking when the overwhelming feeling of love and happiness about knocks you down.  Of course with having five children life is chaos, and dirty, and their are arguments and sibling fights and frustrated parents, but above everything in their home, there is love... and there is NO MISTAKING that IT... LOVE.... comes FIRST before everything else.  

Enjoy some of my favorites from sweet Roses six month pictures.