Ellis Newborn

Back in February one of my dearest friends welcomed a baby boy into the world.  Ellis was so tiny and was (still is) so handsome.  I was beyond blessed for Laura and Jeffrey to invite me to be in the room to photograph Ellis' birth and also so honored that even though Laura is an AMAZING photographer (www.laurapurteeproductions.com) she asked me to do newborn pictures and family pictures.  

Laura and Jeff have a little girl named Eloise and I was given the opportunity to photograph her birth as well.  Let me just say, watching a child being born verses being the one birthing the child is a TOTALLY different experience.  The are both equally as beautiful, but witnessing the birth of a child is an unexplainable experience.  Especially because both times I had already experienced what Laura was going through.  
We both have little girls and little boys.  Our girls came first and then came a baby brother.  Watching her bring Eloise in the world was a wave of emotions I had never experienced.  The miracle of child birth and how honest and pure it is to witness two people bring this little human that they made together in the world.  Witnessing an instant "love at first site" moment, and being in my shoes of having a daughter already, knowing all the little frilly things they were about to go through with her. 

And then in February, 14 months after I had welcomed my son, I watched as Jeff and Laura expanded their hearts once more.  And yet here came another wave of emotions for me.  Knowing what loving a daughter feels like but also how loving a son is a totally different experience, my heart just exploded for Laura.  Watching Eloise meet Ellis for the first time filled my eyes with tears.  This bond that a big sister has with her brother... this instant love, this innate need to cuddle and care for them.  It is beautiful and remarkable, and truly melts your heart to watch establish and grow.  

I am so so so blessed by Laura (and Jeffrey) and their friendship, their support, encouragement, prayers, etc... I am so excited to be a few "steps ahead" of her in terms of our childrens ages because it makes me soooooo thrilled to know what her heart is in store for.  

Enjoy some of my favorites from their newborn family session.