Sullivan and Dawn

Last fall I decided to take some pictures of my little girl Sullivan with my horse, or I guess I should say, with her horse.  Ever since this beautiful love affair between Sullie and Dawn started, she makes it very clear that Dawn is her horse and that I can borrow her anytime I want to. 

So much of my heart and my personality and growth as an adult stemmed from this mare and how she taught me to be stronger and better and work harder and love deeper.... to be patient and kind and respectful, and I could keep typing a list  for hours of all the ways she has bettered me but I will spare you.  But of all the things she has given to me over the years, there is no greater gift she could possibly give than allowing me to watch her love my daughter as well. 

Dawn is so patient and gentle with Sullivan.  She takes her time and lets Sullie kick and wiggle and bounce all over her and she just walks slowly around.  
I pray that Sullivan will learn all the things and more from Dawn like I did.  I love that as a mother and daughter we already share such a special  bond because of this horse.  I'm going to stop typing now because I am starting to cry. haha

enjoy some of my favorite images from their session together!