The Byron Family

I can't even begin to describe how precious this family was.  First, I love love love that they found me through a hashtag on instagram.  This crazy world we live in these days!  :) But it sure does make me glad I use 80000 hashtags a picture. 

But, they showed up, and the three kids were dressed like little angels. They were so polite and most importantly, they were kids.  
I love watching parents that just let their children be children.  I think so much pressure is put on a photo session to have things captured perfectly and get that "christmas card" image.  But my views are that your family is perfect just being the way they are.  If your children love to tackle each other, let me capture that.  If they want to climb trees and run as fast as they can, let me document it.  These are the things we are all going to miss one day and I know with my own children, I would much rather remember them being, well, them... then remembering the stress and arguments we had during a photoshoot.  

This family nailed that!!!  And because of it, I was and still am in LOVE with allllll of the images from their session. 
So enjoy my overload of my favorites. :)