Ella and Lily

This session tugs at my heart strings... A LOT!  I met Ella when she was barely three and she is now 12.  I started nannying for her and her older brother Manny.  The Rogers family became my Tennessee family over the years of working with them.  I consistently nannied for them for a little over three years and loved getting to be a part of their world.  
Even now, watching my little girl Sullivan, it reminds me of my time with Ella.  I remember one time I brought Ella to a number one party and she insisted on wearing her Ariel dress, shows, jewelry, and she even wore her red wig.  it was absolutely perfect and I prayed she would always keep her independent, fearless personality then.  She has grown into such a beautiful, polite, intelligent young lady and I am still so blessed to call her mom and their family dear friends.  
I also take full responsibility for introducing Ella to the love of horses and wanting to ride and show.  Im sure at some point Frank and Jessica will hate me (or they might already) for the astronomical amounts of money they will spend on horses for their little girl.  BUT.. i can guarantee, there is nothing else in this entire world that will teach her respect, responsibility, determination, hard work, humility, unconditional love, and friendship like a horse will. 

Thanks for letting me document Ella and Lily together and thank you for the amount of love and support you guys have shown me over the last 10 years.  I love you guys.