Barlowe Maternity

I seriously think that being pregnant is one of the most beautiful, life changing experiences any woman will go through.  So many women experience it and having children happens every day so I truly think we take it for granted and sometimes overlook the true miracle of it all. 
Every time I have the opportunity to do a maternity session I feel so overwhelmed with emotion, especially when it is the womans first child.  There whole life is about to change and even though they think they have an idea, they really have no clue.  They love different, the see colors brighter and cherish friendships deeper.  The normal will become early bedtimes and crying over commercials.  Constantly giving so much of your self and only needing a cuddle in return.  
Being a mother is lifes greatest gift... at least in my book. 

I loved getting to meet Sara and capture her beauty during her pregnancy.  It is completely unfair to still be a super model when you are 30+ weeks pregnant, but she is.  
Thanks Sara for allowing me to capture your vision for your maternity session.  I love how these images turned out.