Austin, Sarah and Stone

These beautiful people are my family. My amazing (and handsome) brother, his precious wife and their adorable little boy are three individuals I thank God for every day.  

My brother is one of the strongest most brave people I know.  He has held me up in times i've nearly drowned and he is my steady rock in a broken family.  I know God made him just for me because He knew there would never be a day in my life that I didn't need Audi.  A simple thought can cross my mind and I will be laughing or in tears because of the memories we have made together.  I am soooo blessed to be his baby sister. 
AND.... he couldn't have married anyone more perfect.  I adore Sarah and it helps that we have known each other literally our entire life.  Somewhere in this world are pictures of us all in the bathrub together at four years old.  She is a girl of words!  Woman can talk a cars salesman into free gas for five years with the purchase of a new car... or what I witnessed first hand, getting a fridge for less than half of its retail price.  She also is so protective of those people that she loves and she will fight tooth and nail in what she believes.  I have seen her battle fights for my brother and most importantly, for my sweet nephew (whom I adore.)  She is amazing and I love her dearly. 
AND... speaking of my nephew... HELLLLOOOOOO CUTIE!!!  Those big blue eyes and squishy kissably cheeks... I just want to steal him.  He is such a handsome little man and when he laughs it literally brings tears to your eyes because of how adorable it is. 
Stone is getting ready to be a big brother in August.  My brother and sister in law are expecting a little boy and I can't WAIT to be an aunt again.  
When I was home in May I got my camera out for a little bit and just snapped some pictures of them around their house.  I love these sweet shots of them together... Austin and Stone watching a movie and the one of Stone showing his belly.  When you ask him "where is baby brother?" he pulls his shirt up. 

Like I said, I love these people with my whole heart and can't wait to see them again in August! 

Enjoy some of my favs from my trip visiting them.