Garrett Family

ohhhhhhhh.... I LOVE THESE PICTURES.  I love this session, I love this family, I love MEGAN!!! This shoot was so much fun and I can't even put into words what a beautiful experience it was. 
Megan asked me if I would come into their home and spend a few hours to take a video and some pictures of their "every day normal."  She wanted to give the images and video to her husband for fathers day.  
I knew I was walking into a circus, but I had no idea that I would be overwhelmed with the love, encouragement, beauty, strength, and pure joy that filled their home.  They have five children, four adopted and one biological: two boys and three girls.  They all have such different personalities but yet they all shine so brightly in such admirable ways.  
Josh and Megan make being parents to five children look easy.  In the midst of changing diapers, fixing lunches, filling up water cups, swinging, playing sports, buckling helmets, painting nails, picking up toys, etc... they are building such strong, rock hard foundation for their children to grow from.  
I feel like I could go on for hours about how much I adore them, but this is a photo blog so I will let the pictures do the talking.  I decided to do all black and white images from their session because I love the timeless beauty and pure honesty black and white images convey. 

Because this is a lifestyle session there are A LOT of images.  So enjoy scrolling!!!! :)