Kelli and Chip

I knew at the beginning of this session that the images were going to be some of my most favorite I have ever taken.  I was already excited then to share them on my blog, so now that I am finally getting around to it, I am soooooo happy to share some of my favorites. 

A little over a year and a half ago, Kelli had me take some pictures of her and her horse Chip.  I look back at those pictures and can not believe how much I have learned as a photographer since then and was so grateful she gave me another opportunity to photograph her with her best friend.  
Kellis relationship with Chip is beautiful.  It is actually magical.  Its a testament to an animal being a best friend, a soul mate, the love of your life.  It translates beautifully in the images so I will allow them to do the talking in this blog.  

BUT... Kelli, thank you for allowing me to document this special bond you and Chip have.  Im so grateful was able to give you the gift of images you will cherish for a lifetime. 

(I tried to narrow down the images to share but it was impossible.)