Cinco de MONROE!!!

I feel like we waited FOREVER for Monroe to arrive.  Probably not as long as sweet Merissa had waited, but... in our group of friends we were all so thrilled to welcome another beautiful baby into our mix of children.  I was especially excited to add another girl to the group. hahha
Monroe made her grand entrance on May 5th!  Let me tell you, her birthdays are going to AMAZING.. at least for us parents. :) 

But for real, I am so thrilled for one of my dearest friends Merissa and her family on the arrival of their baby girl.  She is absolutely perfect, from what I hear she is an easy baby, and she has the squishiest, most kissable cheeks. Im so blessed to know people like them and I am so grateful they asked me to take newborn pictures for them.  

Here are some of the ones I loved.