Sophie and Katerina

Angel Heart Farm is a non profit therapeutic riding center here in middle Tennessee.  A little over a month ago my friend Tracy, who runs the program, called and asked if I could help take some pictures for her of one of the kids that benefits from the program with one of their horses.  Katerina, the horse, was chosen as Welsh Pony of the year and is going to be featured in the Welsh Pony Association magazine.  Because Katerina is such an amazing therapy horse, Tracy wanted the photoshoot to focus on her and how she helps kids every day. 

That is where Sophie, or I should say Super Sophie, comes in.  She showed up to the photo shoot looking absolutely angelic in her white dress.  Sophie is unbelievably strong, a fighter and breathtakingly beautiful.  And as God continues to work in such amazing ways in my life with teaching me lessons and opening my eyes to bigger pictures, it turned out that I knew Sophies mom way back in the day.  About 10 years ago her and I went on our college spring break together and haven't seen each other since then.  It was such neat connection to make and to reconnect with Mary and to meet her little girl. 

I adore these images, the meaning behind him, and even more so, I am in awe of the little girl in them.  
Please continue to keep Sophie in your prayers and she fights her fight. 

And a big congrats to Katerina and Angel Heart Farms on such a special achievement.