When we moved into our neighborhood a few years ago I prayed it would be a kid friendly neighborhood and that we would have realllly cool neighbors.  I think I prayed more for having cool neighbors than the kid friendly part cause I was more concerned with my sanity... the kids can figure it out on their own.  
But we hit the jackpot in our little section with kids and coolness (yes, I said coolness.)  We love our neighbors across the street, "My Greg" (as sullivan calls him), Stephanie and their precious children Max and Claire.  And then just a few houses down are Zach and Ali and we are all sooooooooo excited that they gave us another little baby to grow up with our kids. Sullivan refers to him as "my little buddy sawyer." She also says he is going to love her more than Gunner. haha. 

But in all seriousness, we are so blessed to be surrounded with such great people and it was an honor for them to ask me to take newborn pictures of Sawyer.  
Enjoy some of my favorites from their family newborn session.