Harrison Newborn

I met my husband about 11 1/2 years ago.  I can remember him telling me about his friend Eli on our first date.  In fact, I think Eli called while we were together so I got to speak to him on the phone for our first introduction.  I could tell from the way Randy spoke of him, good time and bad times, they were friends... real friends that would stand the test of time.  
Over the years our life has truly been blessed by Eli.  He always makes us laugh, provides us with some of the most insane stories and life experiences I have ever heard, shows up in times we need him, and most of all... he is a loyal friend to my husband.  
A few years ago Eli introduced us to Maria, he pulled me off to the side and said something along the lines of, "i am for real... this girl is the one. not even joking around."  And I couldn't have been more excited because I loved her!!!  I obviously still do, but as a wife, you pray that your husbands best friend actually picks someone you like since you will be stuck hanging out with them a lot.  I can truly say, I have never felt stuck hanging out with Maria.  In fact, when Randy goes to hang out with both of them and I have to stay home with my kids because we don't have a babysitter, I feel left out and sad! hahaha. 
And now... the past few months have been beautiful and such a growth in the relationship we have Eli and Maria because we share a common bond... we both have babies now.  Seeing Eli as a dad is amazing to me.  It's like watching my brother become a parent... it's kind of emotional actually.  Hearing him talk about his son and his wife his a side of him that at one point in time I didn't think I would ever see, but it is remarkable.  
The love Eli and Maria have for each other is so evident and seeing them experience this love as a parent... this love that I have gotten to experience for the last 4 1/2 years... you try to explain it to people but until they are in that position that just don't know.  How you fall in love with your spouse all over again and how you experience this love for your child, this little human that you created together, its unfathomable.  
I tried my hardest to capture that love in these newborn pictures I did for them about a month ago.  They are some of my most favorite newborn pics I have ever taken.  Maybe cause I love the people in them so much. :) 

Enjoy some of my favs from this session!