Rhett Newborn

You know whats better than being a momma?!  Being an AUNT!  And even though I don't get to see my adorable nephews as much as I would like, I love them some kind of fierce and I am so blessed by them.  

My brother and his wife welcomed Rhett into the world on August 22nd and I got to be there to document his sweet arrival.  He decided to come a day early in a rush of excitement to meet us all but nothing compares to how excited we all were to meet him.  
Sarah did great and I am so proud of her.  And my brother, I don't think I will ever get over seeing him hold his babies.  It is a site that brings me to tears and I thank God for the blessing of being able to capture it.  

I did a birth story video for them as well as newborn pictures.  I included some of my favorites from my time with them.