Rose is ONE

This sweet thing.  I remember when I found out her momma was pregnant with her.  They had just adopted four children and were about to bring sweet Rose into the world.  I remember Megans eyes and looking like "yes we are crazy! I dare you to say something to me about and see what this seven month, hormonal pregnant woman does to you!" 

I remember the feeling of being pregnant, especially when there is only three weeks to go and not wanting anyone to look at me or touch me or get inside my personal bubble  But sweet Megan, she wanted maternity pictures, so I took them for her, when she was about 37 weeks.  I watched her climb out of her car, unload four kids, and then I proceeded to watch them all swoon over her and needing her physical touch all the time.  
Let me tell you something, she is a saint and she was MEANT to be a momma.  I am overwhelmed thinking of myself in that situation and I know I couldn't do it.  But she and her husband do.  And they do it beautifully with SO. MUCH. LOVE.  
And when sweet Rose arrived we all laughed because she was going to be smothered with more love and affection than probably any child in this world has ever experienced.  
I think her first birthday was a celebration of survival, not for rose, but a celebration of Josh and Megan for surviving a year of five kids!! :)

I adore this family, I adore sweet Rose Carpenter (and her name) and I adore her four older siblings.  Josh and Megan should be an example to all around them, that LOVE should be the center of all we do.  Yes, things are hard and as parents we question every decision we will ever make down to the brand of toilet paper we buy, but if we do everything out of love and with love and because of love, we can be successful and raise strong, beautiful, caring and loving children!  

Enjoy some of my favorites from Roses one year pictures.