Marleighs Birthday

A fellow photographer (and might I add an AMAZING one at that) Melissa Latta ( asked me if I would document her son Lawson meeting their new baby girl Marleigh for the first time.  This family has a beautiful story and welcoming Marleigh was such an important and emotional time for them.  
I was unbelievably honored that Melissa asked me and extremely fortunate to have witnessed such a special moment in their life.  Marleigh decided to make her arrival just a few weeks before she was scheduled to arrive, so I am so happy I was able to make it to the hospital in time.  

Congrats to this beautiful family of FOUR and a huge thank you to Melissa and Josh for trusting me to document this for you. :) 

Enjoy A LOT of my favorites from this.  I love how they tell a story of Lawsons complete and utter excitement from waiting, to hearing the news Marleigh had arrived and then his walk to meet her.  His facial expressions adequately convey every emotion that he experienced that day and I tear up looking at them again.