Charlie and Elizabeth

These people right here!!!  There are not enough words to describe how much I love them, how blessed I am by them, and how grateful I am to call them family. Charlie is my husband Randys brother and I can not believe that this year marks 12 years that I have known him.  He is absolutely perfect and I knew the moment that I met him that whoever was blessed enough to receive his love was going to be such a special woman.  I seriously can't tell you how much I have prayed specifically for this woman.  That God had a plan for Charlie to bring someone in his life that made him love on a level he never knew existed, reminded him to live (because I think thats hard to remember when you are in school to be a pediatric oncologist), taught him to love himself, and challenged him to have a deeper relationship with God.  And you know what the amazing thing is, God answered that prayer and exceeded any expectation any of us had.  He brought Elizabeth in our world last year and I think it is safe to say that the rest of our Schlappi family may be more in love with her than Charlie is. :) She is a precious soul with such a tender, humble, and loving heart.  I can NOT wait to call her sister in May. 

They asked me to take their engagement pictures for them.  I was pretty sure it was just out of sympathy so they wouldn't feel guilty if they asked anyone else. hahah :) But, either way, I am soooo glad they asked me because we had a blast taking these.  The two of them together are as pure and honest and loving as you see in these pictures.  It is fun to see a couple who laughs non stop together and then kisses in the middle of it just to remind each other "you are my person and I love this adventure with you."  

Thanks for letting me a part of your love story guys.  Thanks for being such amazing family members to me. I love you both more than words. :)